small-logo Direct Steering – The kite has no pulleys on the bridle system, which allows it to respond faster and feel more direct, makining the kite turn on a dime.

small-logo Simple Bridle System – the bridles are simple and color-coded so you always match it to the bar.

small-logo Colored Struts - The struts have the colors of the bar so you can set it up correctly and with no mistake. It also makes the each side of the kite easily identifiable when the kite in the water helping a quick decision to relaunch.  

small-logo Single Pump System – It features a single inflation point allowing you to fully inflate the kite from one valve. It also has a big dump valve for easy deflation.

small-logo Reinforced Framework – The kite features a solid framework design, made to reinforce and protect the kite and in turn it makes the kite more direct and reactive. It’s built to last.

small-logo Light Protection Bumpers – It features protection bumpers made of a resistant yet light material in order to keep the protection to the max without sacrificing performance. These snag-free bumpers cover every kink on the leading edge to protect exposed points. 

Bush kites are produced with safety, easy of use and performance in mind.