The Twig control bar stands for the highest standard of safety, reliability and durability.

This bar features some new innovations together with some proven features. It incorporates all of the safety standards expected of a modern kite bar, such as color coding with red on the left and blue on the right, push away release system, a re-ride system flagging the kite on one of the power lines, an anatomic grip and a swiveling safety.

The trim strap is positioned above the bar, making depowering of the kite easy in any condition. It is a robust clam cleat system, featuring our own tangle free depower rope. The barthrow is fairly short thanks to the lack of pullies in the bridles of the kite, making the bar more suitable for people with shorter arms.

The Twig bar is a light and durable bar that provides a perfect control of your bush kite.

The bar comes with 25m flying lines witch provide the best combination of power and handling. Our Safety system is robust and designed to not jam with sand. It has a simple design with few moving parts to ensure function in all conditions. It is designed to endure the worst possible treatment and always releases with minimum force.

Built into it is a swivel system allowing you to untangle the lines while riding. The flag line goes through the central part so that it never tangles with your depower line. To release it you just use the push away system, it is built so it releases even if your bar is blocked against it.

The advanced rider will appreciate the ability to connect the leash in suicide mode allowing you to use the kite training your freestyle moves while still being able to release and flag the kite if needed. You never need to sacrifice safety. This feature is only for very experienced riders and when using it you are aware and responsible for the resulting consequences. Only the standard mode offers 100% safety.

The twig is available in 45cm and 50cm, comes standard with 25m color-coded lines.

    • Standard Push Away release

    • Color-coded bar

    • Standard/ Suicide Leash attachments modes

    • Swiveling safety system

    • Above-the-bar depower trim strap

    • Tangle free depower trim rope

    • Anatomic bar grip

    • Re-ride safety flag out system

    • Easy to replace 8mm depower line

    • Super durable

    • Low force to release